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    On the way up to Snowdon summit in the BOMA7

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    Berwyn Mountains

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    "It's not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves." - Sir Edmund Hilary


Freedom Wizard is the brain child of Allie Pennington ~ a keen walker and mountaineer with a zest for a fun filled life.

Our mission is to provide you with an amazing experience:

  • Access areas you have never visited
  • Listen to local folklore and legendary tales
  • Take benefit and comfort in a safe environment 
  • Simply enjoy the freedom of the hills

Days out with Freedom Wizard are not just for the disabled:

Coverage throughout the UK and include a BOMA7 chair and up to 6 walking friends
Specialised tours such as photography, King Arthur tales & navigational skills
Charity and personal challenges from concept through to completion

Our events range in abilities required from an hours walk to an overnight camp.  We will ensure you are fully prepared for what lies ahead but if you are interested in any of the advertised events and there’s a BUT…just contact us and we will tailor an experience for you personally.

We love our jobs and we embrace nature in all of its formats.  As we regularly visit sacred and ancient sites, we have a strict policy to protect it.  This assures you that we don’t work in large groups, we share common interests and as such have an equal appreciation of nature.

Allie is a qualified Mountain Leader, registered and insured by the British Mountaineering Council.


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